SMART Enterprise

Manage Many Sites
Efficiently manage a portfolio of multiple site locations from a single log-in with SMART (System Management and Reporting Tool) Enterprise. Status indicators show which locations have an alarm. Quickly identify and fix problems to minimize revenue loss. Unlike proprietary portals from OEM vendors you can add new sites using different equipment with the same interface. Any number of locations can be included and accessed from a PC or mobile device. A SMART Enterprise account can be created at any time for managing existing NRGpilot™ sites.

Multiple locations can be subdivided into groups or a complex site into zones. Jump directly to any site without having to remember the site login. Change settings, compare device performance, troubleshoot problems and share information for managing existing sites and implementing design improvements on new ones. Separate visitor and administrator passwords allow different privileges for sharing by multiple users.

Owners can generate custom reports for any time period to evaluate performance of their DER power assets. These can be in PDF format for distribution or as a file for detailed spreadsheet analysis.

Monitor all sites from one screen with a SMART Enterprise account
Locate Bad Strings
Check status and performance

SolarVu Status
Alarm messages

SolarVu Alarm Messages
Generate PDF reports

SolarVu Reports